Year: December 19, 2016

Being Thankful (and Mindful) this Thanksgiving

Mindfulness is a technique that has developed out of eastern philosophic traditions such as Zen Buddhism. The idea has been around for a long time, but, in recent years, mindfulness has taken on a life of its own, becoming a way to manage stress and anxiety. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, turning to […]

Failure is an Option: The Benefits of “Small Losses”

We live in a culture where success is highly prized and failing isn’t. From our childhood years well into adulthood, we are often taught that failing—in the realm of sports, academics, career, family life, and so on—remains something that one ought to avoid. Furthermore, the idea of always winning at any cost is so ingrained […]

The Psychology of Paranormal Beliefs

With Halloween right around the corner, spirits, ghost, and other spirits of the dead may be on the mind. As a child, Halloween was always my favorite holiday, and it continues to remain so in my adult years. Autumn, in general, is a whimsical time of year, and when the colors of the leaves and […]

Spirituality and Therapy: Guidelines for Effective Practice

Spirituality can be a difficult concept to define. It’s similar to the concept of time, we know what it means until we are asked to define it. In general, spirituality often involves a dimension of searching, of seeking—whether it is for meaning, existential answers, or a connection with something greater than ourselves. But how should spirituality […]