Following the Leader: What Would Psychology Say about the Primary Presidential Elections?

Following the Leader: What Would Psychology Say about the Primary Presidential Elections? Since mid-summer, Americans have been treated with a seemingly endless onslaught of political mudslinging among the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. But with the general election more than a year away, and the campaign season in its early stages, there is definitely more […]

5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Decision Making

We are constantly making decisions, thousands per day by some counts. These decisions can be as small as deciding what kind of clothes to wear to work to deciding whether or not you should get married. And although no one can tell you what to decide, there are ways to instruct you on how to decide. In the past […]

Adult Children of Alcoholics

My father is an alcoholic. Although I could acknowledge this now, it was something my sister and I were not allowed to discuss it when we were kids. Because I had an alcoholic parent, the odds that I, too, would become an alcoholic would be much higher than the average person. I’ve spend most of […]

The Psychology of Superheroes

Superman. Batman. Spider-man. Iron Man. The Hulk. Captain America. You know the names. But what you may now know is that in comics and on the big screen superheroes possess a complex psychology. Having undergone a constant evolution since their inception, superheroes have grown up beyond the campy, “Whack!” “Bam!” “Boom!” days of the 1960’s […]

An Evolutionary Approach to Human Mating Strategies

Human Mating Strategies Many individuals tend to think of dating and relationships as an “anything goes,” dog-eat-dog enterprise. Yet you may be surprised to learn that human mating remains much more complex and much more science-based than you could ever imagine. When it comes to human mating, then, the psychological and sociological research appears to suggest that a myriad […]

Unleashing your own Self-Transcendence

Do you believe you can become better than you are? If so, then you may want to want to pick up a copy of the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. More than any other philosopher, Nietzsche stands apart because of his uncommon ideas and his usual style. Although he lived and wrote in the 19th century, his […]

Intelligence in Plants?

Let’s be clear: Without plants, we simply would not exist. Plants convert the sun’s light into energy we used every day when we consume food. Even if you’re not a plant eater or vegetarian, the meat you are eating got its energy from somewhere, and that energy can be traced back to plants and ultimately […]

How to Handle Difficult Conversations

References: Bowdon, T. (2007). 50 psychology classics who we are, how we think, what we do: Insight and inspiration from 50 key books. London: Nicholas Brealey Pub. Stone, D., & Patton, B. (1999). Difficult conversations: How to discuss what matters most. New York, N.Y.: Viking. Handling Difficult Conversations Whether in the context of interpersonal relationships, […]