Does Psychotherapy Affect the Brain?

Often, when thinking about what might cause changes in neurotransmitter levels of the brain, most might immediately think ‘Medication’. Naturally, since the chemical imbalance theory (theory is the correct word here, since it is something that has not yet been proven) of mental illness has become increasingly popular. Few may realize, however, that their experiences […]

Trusting Others and The Need for Closure

Trusting others remains the glue that keeps societies together. The problem is, of course, when and how to do so. As it turns out, trusting others begins in the brain and ends with the person you may be trusting. In other words, trusting involves a social-cognitive interaction. Moreover, some individuals, who have a high “need […]

Antidepressants: The Risks and Rewards

Prior to the psychopharmacology era (or, the time before antidepressants had become widely available), most individuals struggling with mental illnesses such as depression were, more or less, left on their own. However, throughout the so-called “Prozac Revolution,” in the 1970s and 1980s, antidepressants started to become more commonplace, as more individuals began using them. Nowadays, […]

Sleep Disorders: What You Need to Know

Getting the right amount of sleep is an essential part of a healthful life. Not getting the recommended amount of sleep at night, as it turns out, can inversely affect how a person functions throughout the day, one’s cognitive functions and decision making. In recent years, a blend of personalized technology (smart phones, tables, etc.) […]

How to Talk to Someone About His or Her Annoying Habits

People do so many annoying things. They chew their food too loud, leave the toilet seat-up, bite their nails, and sometimes don’t listen to you when you’re trying to tell them something important. It’s hard when a roommate, romantic partner or coworker is doing something that annoys you, and it can be even harder to […]