Mystical Practices Throughout Time: Exploring the ‘Black Arts’

I recently finished reading “The Black Arts,” a book originally published in 1967 by author Richard Cavendish. Not too long ago the book saw its 50th Anniversary re-printing, and although things like demonology, witchcraft, numerology, and astrology have fallen victim to the realm of superstition, slain by the progress of scientific thinking, there still remains […]

Finding Inner Peace

Amid a global pandemic, political unrest, and a litany of other tensions, right now may be a good time to look inward, reflect, and . . . pause. Make no mistake: Despite the claims of some of some Western philosophers, who make abstract claims that the external world does not exist, or Eastern thinkers who […]

Exercising During a Pandemic

Experts have almost always stressed in the importance of exercise. That said, however, since the on-set of the COVID-19 outbreak, gyms have been closed, and it remains unclear when they will open up their doors again. For roughly the past nine weeks, most of the country has been subject to shelter-in-place orders, although some states […]

Yoga: The Rewards and Benefits

As shelter-in-place and self-quarantines continue, some individuals may be looking for activities to do right inside of their homes. Yoga is one such thing that is healthy, costs almost nothing, and helps your body and your mind. Of course, yoga has been around for thousands of years in various forms, can range from simple to […]

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a concept that is murky at best. Most of us have a vague idea what wellbeing is, but perhaps few of us know how to define it. Does any person truly understand the components of wellbeing? According to authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter, in their book, “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” wellbeing […]

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are sometimes confused as being the same thing. They are, in fact, different . . . but sometimes they are alike. Mindfulness, or the ability to engage in deep focus, can be practiced anywhere. Meditation, on the other hand, is often practiced in a deliberate session, although there are different types of […]