What Your Posture Says About You

It took me a long time to understand that your posture can make or break you. For a long time, I used to think that “experts” discussing body language were engaging in a type of pseudoscience; however, I’ve come around to the idea that your posture affects how you see yourself as well as how […]

4 Things to Do while Social Distancing

As many Americans (as well as many others around the world) begin to settle in to a new rhythm of life due to the Coronavirus, it may be time to asses our mental health. “Social distancing,” as it is called, may be good to help slow or stop the spread of the virus, social isolation […]

How Viruses Spread (and a little bit about their history)

Viruses, bacteria, and other microbes having been evolving along side of humans since the dawn of humanity. (In fact, microbes predate humans by billions of years.) But disease epidemics – situations where viruses and other microbes affect large numbers of people are relatively new, dating to about 10,000 years ago. Why 10,000 years ago? Because […]

Putting in the Effort, Having the Right Attitude

How much control do you think that you have? In current culture, the phrases “willpower” and “effort” sound a little old fashion, if not faux pas all together. But this idea – the idea of having control of yourself, your thoughts, and your actions – are as old as Western Civilization. The stoic philosophers, which […]

The Positive Impact of Exercise on the Brain

When most people hear the word “exercise,” they may immediately think of sweating, calories, building muscle, or losing weight. And while although all of these things are relevant one thing that may no come to mind is another part of the body where exercise is highly impactful: the brain. Much research has been put into […]

How to Create Good Habits

In his now-classic book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” author Steven Covey takes the reader along through seven habits that he identifies as vital to personal and professional success. Much of the year 2020 still lies ahead, and it may be a good time to take personal inventory for the new year and […]

Forest Bathing

Conventional wisdom has reinforced the idea that going out in nature is good for you. Feeling down? Talk a hike in the woods. Need an energy boost? Start gardening. And on and on . . . This type advice has been around for a long time, but it’s only been recently when science and different […]