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Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression (SAD)

Light Therapy for Seasonal Depression Light therapy treats seasonal affective disorder (SAD) through artificial light. This can be especially beneficial for those who experience SAD during winter or are not often exposed to direct sunlight. Talk to your doctor or mental health provider to see if light therapy might be a good option for you. […]

The Psychology of Superheroes

In the last few decades, superheroes have become increasing popular. From their comic-book origins back in the 1930’s and 1940’s to the current blockbuster movies successes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), superheroes continue to capture the public’s imagination. And although the big-screen action may make for some interesting eye candy, only a few books […]

A Look Inside the Criminal Mind

For decades, law enforcement, psychologists, and other mental health professionals have attempted to understand the criminal mind – with some success and some limitations. Many theories and hypothesis abound regarding why someone decides to act in a criminal manner. Is a person born a criminal, or are they made by their environment? A social and […]

Looking Through the Sociological Lens of Exercise

Of course, most Americans know the mantra by now: “Exercise is good for you,” and “People should exercise more.” These oft-repeated pieces of advance aren’t necessarily wrong; in fact, they’re by most estimates true for most Americans, or anyone – really – who happens to be living in a post-industrialized country. The message is the […]

August is a Month of Reflection

By Kenneth Luck, Ph.D. The long summer days that sit between the Fourth of July and Labor Day in the United States are sometimes called “the dog days of summer.” This time is marked, usually, by hot weather, long days, thunderstorms, picnics. . . and the reminder that summer doesn’t last forever. Indeed, until recently, […]

The Japanese Contentments

Although our world is more connected than ever because of digital technologies, there are still traditions from all around the globe that Westerners (and, in particular, Americans) may not be aware of but are still to make their way into the awareness of the average person from the United States. In particular, words like “Hygge” […]

Developing the Mindset of a Champion

In his book, “How Champions Think: In Sports and in Life,” Bob Rotella, Ph.D., breaks down the psychology of exceptional individuals. According to Rotella, there are a few key habits that exceptional individuals perform in order to stay positive, motivated, and – perhaps, ultimately – more successful. “[T]he ideas people choose to have about themselves […]

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Does Marriage Counseling Work? What to Expect.

Whether you’re considering starting marriage counseling with your partner or you have your first appointment booked, and you’re ready to go, it’s normal to ask yourself, will this really work? What do we expect? Luckily, with modern advances in techniques and types, couples counseling has a success rate of nearly 70-90% and contributes to the […]