A Psychedelic Renaissance?

In his 2018 book, “How to Change Your Mind,” author Michael Pollen explores the “medical and scientific revolution around psychedelic drugs.” Part personal memoir and part a book about the updates on where the scientific and medical communities stand around the use of psychedelic drugs, “How to Change Your Mind” is a worthwhile read, and […]

The Mental Disorders of Famous Creatives

The cliched image of the tortured artist is well-worm territory. Many books, movies, television programs, and other media have explored, for instance, painter Vincent van Gogh’s mental distress or author Ernest Hemingway’s alcoholism. And although these stories and images of the “mad genius” continue to permeate throughout popular culture, the fact is that a great […]

‘Sisu’: The Finnish Art of Resilience

The concept of “resilience” has gained a lot of momentum in popular psychology over the last few years. The psychology literature is littered with research about the benefits of building up a resilient attitude in the face of challenges. And although resilience has found a home in mainstream psychology, the idea isn’t new. In fact, […]

Practice the Art and Healing of “Forest Bathing”

Now that it’s springtime, it’s time to get outside. Getting out in nature is good for your body and your mind. Lately, there’s been a trend of “Forest Bathing,” which is a Japanese concept of spending time in nature. The term shinrin-yoku was coined by Tomohide Akiyama, who worked in the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, […]

Reclaiming the Morning The morning is often an overlooked time of day. Normally, due to commitments, family, or busy schedules, people do not often have the time or luxury to experience the morning in a calm, thoughtful, or reflective way. In her book, “Good Mornings,” author Linnea Dunne explores practical steps for how to have […]

Workplace Well-Being

Do you like what you do every day? If you answer “Yes” to the above question, then it might be said that you have high workplace happiness. “At a fundamental level, we all need something to do,” writes authors Tom Rath and Jim Harter in their 2010 book, Well Being: The Five Essential Elements. “And […]


In her 2019 international bestseller, “Evil: The Science Behind Humanities Dark Side,” author Julia Shaw explores some of the most duplicitous human acts and behaviors imaginable. Among these topics are “Murder by Design,” “Your Inner Sadist,” and other related subjects. Generally speaking, true crime books and books about the psychology of evil have generally landed […]

Crisis Leadership

What characteristics make for a good leader? This is a question that is studied in the classrooms of M.B.A. and organizational leadership programs all over the world. And although there are elaborate theories and constructs out there to help us understand what traits make a good leader, one often overlooked aspect is: What role does […]

Wintering: How to Retreat when Times Get Tough

In her recent book, “Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times,” author Katrine May explores the concept of “wintering” – or, “a fallow period in life when you’re cut off from the world, feeling rejected, sidelined, blocked from progress, or cast into the role of an outsider.” Let’s face it: We’ve all […]

Grit: Personal Perseverance in the Long Run

In her 2016 book, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance,” author and researcher Angela Duckworth brought the concept of grit into the mainstream. Before Duckworth’s book, few individuals talked about – or were let alone aware of – the concept of “the power of passion and perseverance.” As a researcher, Duckworth was interested in, […]