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Did you know over 44 million Americans suffer from mental illness—and that’s just the adults! Thankfully, mental health has less of a stigma today with younger generations. American University students conducted a survey, finding Millennials to be more open about mental health problems than their parents and grandparents. At the same time, many people still refuse to see licensed psychologists and counselors, even if it might benefit them. It begs the question, why don’t more people seek professional help?

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Why Don’t More People Seek Help from You a Licensed Psychologist or Therapist?

On Psychology Today, Dr. Loren Soeiro wrote an extensive piece titled “10 Reasons Why People Refuse to Talk to Therapists.” You might not be surprised at the answers. Simply put, not everyone sees value in therapy. A few of the big reasons involve time and money. Some wonder why they should pay a licensed psychologist over talking with friends and family. Others have financial barriers. Last but not least, there are individuals who had bad experiences with therapy in the past.

Whatever the reason, there are many people who might benefit from the outside perspective and experienced insight of a licensed psychologist.

Perhaps that’s why you’re here now.

Licensed Psychologists Might Be Able to Help You Work Through Your Problems

There may come a time when old solutions don’t work anymore. If you’re at a low point you can’t shake, it might be worth your time to find a licensed psychologist or certified counselor. The therapists at Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates in Scranton, PA include professionals from all walks of life. Our team is compassionate and diverse in their areas of specialty.

Some of the professionals you’ll find at our locations throughout NEPA include:

  • Licensed Professional Counselors
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselors
  • Licensed Social Workers
  • Certified Anger Management Specialist
  • Certified Trauma Specialist
  • Parent Child Interaction Therapist
  • Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional
  • Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor Certified Sexuality Educator

Founder John G. Kuna is a licensed clinical psychologist who opened his practice to provide a resource for mental health and emotional well-being. Therapy may be able to help individuals cope with anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, eating disorders, domestic abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, and marital problems.

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