Therapy in Bethlehem, PA

What Counseling Can We Provide?

Our wide spectrum of therapists, counselors, and social workers can provide a range of therapies and types of counseling for your needs in Bethlehem PA.

Perhaps you and your spouse want to address specific issues. We offer marriage counseling. Perhaps you have a child who needs a professional's help to cope with certain difficulties. We offer counseling specifically for children and teenagers. We also provide Christian or spirituality counseling if preferred in Bethlehem PA.

As for the therapies we employ, our qualified team members are trained in everything from psychotherapy to cognitive behavioral therapy. With these methods in place, we can better help you understand the sources and triggers of your specific issues and provide personalized treatment for you.

If you want help with your mental health, we're here for you. Please schedule your appointment today at our office in Bethlehem PA.

Providers in Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Kelly Borich

I have extensive background in body-centered/somatic interventions based on 20 years experience as a nationally certified massage therapist. I utilize my somatic-based approaches as a direct pathway in helping my clients heal and make meaning of traumatic experiences. My focus is to empower clients to connect to body and self through awareness skills. I encourage further inner strength within the individual through sustaining vital connections to support systems, resources, and community. Tapping into strengths, values, and personal growth points in my mission. A deeper understanding of self comes from an unwavering curiosity about the unique messages from behaviors, emotions, thought patterns, and the body.