Is Therapy Right for Me?

Do you relate to the following statements:

  • I stay in bed entire days, because I don't see the point in doing anything anymore
  • My loved one passed away, and I'm struggling to enjoy life. My friends and family seem to be moving on, but how can I?
  • I'm afraid to say anything around my spouse, because every word starts a fight

Our therapists in Moosic, PA offer counseling and therapy services, addressing these situations and others like them.

Life Can Get Better - Find Therapists in Moosic, PA for Your Challenges

We all face unique challenges in life, even when the experience is shared by others. Asking friends, family, and a 10-step self-help guide for answers can result in advice that may not be what you need.

Going outside, visiting friends, and finding new hobbies is great in theory. At the same time, these aren't cures. When you feel like you've lost your spark for life or that the world is against you, cognitive behavioral therapy may be able to help.

A form of talk therapy, CBT focuses on identifying and changing thought processes and behaviors that lead to an unfulfilling life.

The American Psychological Association recognizes CBT for its effective track record treating mental health disorders, like depression.

Therapy May Be Able to Help Improve Your Quality of Life

Trained therapists and psychologists are available to help you. At Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates, our therapists in Moosic, PA offer a wide range of services to help you overcome obstacles. Our therapy sessions cover: drug and alcohol addition, anger management, PTSD, trauma, grief, mental health, and family/marriage counseling.

We work with adults, children, and teenagers.


If you’ve hit a low point in your life, you deserve counseling from compassionate therapists. Our therapists provide cognitive behavioral therapy for trauma, depression, grief, and psychosis. Our mental health and marriage counseling therapists provide services at locations across NEPA.

I Need Affordable Therapy in Moosic, PA - Can You Help?

At Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates, we work with most major insurance companies and provide therapy on a sliding scale for anyone who doesn't have qualifying insurance.

Did You Know: You're not alone if personal finances cause anxiety. Every year, the American Psychological Association releases its "Stress in America" report. Money continues to rank as one of the top concerns.

We can help you manage depression, work through marital problems, live through grief, and correct bad habits through cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling.

You can view the insurance providers we accept online. If your provider isn’t on the list, ask about our sliding scale for payment. We care about providing affordable therapists in Moosic and the surrounding ares of Scranton, Duryea, Avoca, and Wilkes-Barre.

Do You Accept My Insurance?

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Providers in Moosic Pennsylvania

Dr. John G. Kuna

Jeanne Decker

Sara Grier


John Gibbons


Jacob Herber

Rebekah Howell


Dr. Danielle Ross

Dr. Ross completed an undergraduate degree in psychology at Pennsylvania State University, subsequently pursued graduate training in forensic psychology at the University of North Dakota, and completed a doctorate in clinical psychology at the Fielding Graduate University. She completed her practicum at First Hospital and Clearbrook Rehabilitation Center and her internship and post-doctorate residency with John G. Kuna, PsyD & Associates. Her clinical interests are broad with special interest in testing/diagnostic assessment, mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders, and couples counseling. Dr. Ross uses a broad range of cognitive behavioral and insight oriented techniques in the psychotherapy and counseling process. Dr. Ross’ research and publication interests include post traumatic growth, inmate recidivism, and cultural influences in psychotherapy. Dr. Ross is also a practicing attorney with Needle Law, PC. She received her law degree from Widener University School of Law. She is married with three children and enjoys traveling with her family.

Tammy Gregorowicz


Joanne Judge

Keith Ripley

Patricia Arcaro-Krenitsky

Alicia Zymbolsky

Chelsea Collins

Nadine Gowarty

Psy D.

Tony Black

Danielle Ross

Brittany Lippert

About Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates

Dr. John G. Kuna is a licensed, clinical therapist serving Moosic, PA and surrounding communities. John always had a deep compassion for others, leading to an education that would help his community. Whether it's mental health disorders, anger management problems, or relationship issues, John and his team are committed to your mental and emotional well-being. Our practice uses evidence-based, psychological and counseling services.

John founded Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates to help families and individuals, including children and teenagers, across Pennsylvania. You can visit our therapists in Moosic, PA at the address below: