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Do you struggle to find joy in life? Are you sleeping all day because you don’t see a reason to get out of bed? Depressive episodes affect an estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States. If you’re among this number, there is hope. After all, you’re here now. Seeking help through a therapist for depression is a big step.

When’s the Right Time to Go to Therapy?

At Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates, we have licensed therapists who work with depression and mental wellness. If you struggle to do small, day-to-day activities or no longer take care of yourself how you should, talk with us. Take one small action now, and contact us. Once you reach out, we can match you with a therapist for depression. Our goal is to help you feel like yourself again.

We have locations across NEPA, including Blakely, Pennsylvania.

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About Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates

Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates is a private health practice serving Blakely, Dickson City, Archbald, and surrounding areas of Northeast Pennsylvania. Our therapists are available for a variety of services, including marriage counselling, drug addiction, and anger management. We work with children and adults.

If you need a therapist for depression, we can help. We accept most insurances and use a sliding scale for payment that makes therapy more affordable for those without insurance.

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    Online Therapy & Telehealth

    Dr. John G. Kuna and Associates understand that with both your busy lives and the effects of COVID-19, coming for in-office therapy appointments may not always be the best option for you. That is why we provide telehealth, so we can be dedicated to meeting your needs wherever you are.

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