Marriage & Family Counseling in Pennsylvania

marriage and family counseling

Family is the heart of our lives, and sometimes, maintaining harmony within this complex unit can be challenging. Relationships can be tested, communication may break down, and unresolved issues might surface, creating stress and tension. That’s where we come in. Across our 15 locations in Pennsylvania and through our convenient online therapy services, we offer a safe, supportive space for families and couples to heal, grow, and strengthen their bonds. Our expert therapists use various techniques to help you navigate interpersonal dynamics, rebuild connections, and foster healthier communication. At Dr. John G Kuna and Associates, we are committed to nurturing relationships and fostering love and understanding within families, marriages, and couples.

How Does It Work?

Marriage, couples, and family counseling, often known as family therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that helps family members or couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and foster healthier relationships. The therapy can involve all family members or just those willing or able to participate.

Initial Assessment

The process begins with an initial assessment where the therapist gets to understand the family dynamics, the nature of the problems, and the goals for therapy. This assessment may involve all family members or, in the case of couples therapy, both partners.


Subsequent sessions are structured around addressing specific issues. The therapist may employ various therapeutic techniques based on the nature of the problem, the specific goals of therapy, and the model of therapy that the therapist uses. These techniques include facilitating open and honest communication, helping family members understand each other’s experiences and emotions, teaching conflict resolution skills, and providing strategies to improve support and collaboration within the family or relationship.

The aim is not to assign blame to individuals but to work together as a unit to solve the issues. The therapist acts as a neutral third party who can provide perspective, guide the conversation, and help the family or couple develop new strategies for relating to each other.

In the case of couples or marriage counseling, the focus may be more on improving communication, rebuilding trust, resolving marital conflicts, or dealing with issues like infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, or disagreements over parenting styles.

For how long?

The length of therapy depends on the complexity of the issues, but generally, family therapy is often shorter than individual therapy, with most interventions lasting less than six months.

At Dr. John G Kuna and Associates, we provide in-person and online family, marriage, and couples counseling, making it easier for families to access the support they need, regardless of your location.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy, is a specialized field of psychotherapy aimed at helping couples understand, navigate, and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. At Dr. John G Kuna and Associates, we see marriage counseling as a journey to rediscover mutual understanding, love, and harmony. It’s a platform where both partners can express their feelings, thoughts, and concerns in a safe, neutral environment under the guidance of a skilled therapist.

Our marriage and couples counselors use various therapeutic techniques to foster open communication, enhance mutual respect and empathy, and develop effective problem-solving strategies. Whether navigating a challenging period, seeking to resolve ongoing disputes, or simply wanting to enhance your relationship, marriage counseling can provide the tools and guidance necessary for growth and improvement. With both in-person and online therapy options, we make this journey toward a stronger, healthier relationship convenient and accessible for all couples.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy at Dr. John G Kuna and Associates is a specialized service designed to nurture change and development within your family dynamics. Understanding that families can sometimes face overwhelming challenges, we offer a supportive space to untangle these complexities. Our approach views the family as an interconnected system, recognizing that changes to one part can impact the whole.

Through our family therapy services, our trained therapists guide families toward healthier, more harmonious interactions. We help you identify disruptive patterns, improve communication, solve family problems, and reduce conflict. Whether you’re dealing with issues related to parenting, adolescent behavior, loss, or a major life transition, family therapy can provide the essential tools and strategies to navigate these challenges together.

Our therapists work collaboratively with all members, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and respected. This collaborative process can foster greater understanding, empathy, and deeper bonds between family members. We also offer family therapy both in-person at our 15 locations across Pennsylvania and online for those who prefer or need the convenience of remote sessions. At Dr. John G Kuna and Associates, we are committed to helping families grow stronger together.