October 23, 2019

Why Meditation Matters

Asking “Why Meditation Matters?” is a deceptively simple question. Upon closer inspection, however, an individual may learn that meditation – though not intended to be cumbersome […]
October 17, 2019

Solitude: When It’s OK to be Alone

At most times and in most places – at least in Western Cultures – there appears to be a stigma toward those who choose to be […]
October 8, 2019

Recurrences of Depressive Episodes

Those who suffer from depressive episodes may understand how debilitating it can be. According to the authors of a recent study, about half of the people […]
October 2, 2019

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a disorder that impacts the lives of millions of people in the United States and throughout the rest of the world. Regrettably, while much […]
September 23, 2019

The Autumnal Equinox is Here: Finding Balance in Nature and in Your Life

This year, the autumnal equinox is occurring on Monday, September 23. Traditionally, this has been a time of balance and reflection. Astronomically, what’s really going on […]
September 18, 2019

Humans Are Natural Storytellers: How Our Brains are Wired for Story

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle laid down the basic framework for virtually every story told. That framework is basic, recognizable, and enduring: […]
August 30, 2019

The Benefits of Meditation

Whether at home, in the workplace, or just going about our daily business, stress can pop up anywhere. In fact, it’s been routinely pointed out that […]
August 21, 2019

When Will Computers Become Like a Human Brain? A Look at the Current State of A.I.

In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about computer development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. And as computer technology develops ever more complex, individuals […]
August 16, 2019

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. That said it remains important that, as individuals, we learn more about immunizations and the ones that we may need […]
August 6, 2019

A Brief Tour of Your Memory: What is It, How it Works, and Why It Makes You Who You Are

The human brain is quite a thing. Some have described it as the most complicate piece of biology in the universe (that we know of so […]
August 1, 2019

An Overactive Imagination? A Look at Fantasy Proneness

Since at least the 1980s, research psychologists have recognized a concepted—“fantasy proneness’’—which is a trait where individuals tend to get lost within their own imaginations, to […]
July 23, 2019

The Psychology of Conspiracies: What Does Science Have to Say? 50 Years After Apollo, Conspiracy Theories Flourish Online about the ‘Fake’ Moon Landings

Last week, the United State celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo moon landings, which first took place in 1969. Although this remains a seminal and […]