March 16, 2016

Client’s perceptions of Effective Therapy

Two researchers, Corrine R. Sackett and Gerard Lawson, published a paper earlier this year in the Journal of Counseling and Development that explores the therapeutic process […]
March 9, 2016

Professional Practice in the Digital Age: E-mail as a means of Therapist-Client Communication

In 2012, Marion Mattison published an article in a noted social work journal that explains the opportunities, as well as the challenges, of communication with clients […]
February 29, 2016

An Understanding of Understanding (I.Q.)

The concept of I.Q., or “intelligence quotient,” as it is formally called, has been around for about 100 years, but in the that time, debates have […]
February 9, 2016

Ethical Concepts for Professional Therapists

From Aristotle to Mill, Professional Therapists have Ethical Concepts to Help Guide Their Decisions As in most professions, therapists, psychologists and mental health counselors may face […]
February 3, 2016

How to Choose a Therapist

When it comes to choosing the right therapist, there is a lot to consider. Many individuals who enter into therapy may not be aware of the […]
January 31, 2016

Exploring Personality: What makes you, you

Exploring Personality Types For more than 2000 years, philosophers and psychologists have been interested in individual personalities, how they form, and what makes one person different […]
January 22, 2016

Me, Myself, and I: A Tour of Psychological Egoism

Are people innately selfish or not? On its face, this question appears easy and straigh1tforward. “Of course individuals act selfishly!” One may protest. But is that […]
December 19, 2015

The Fundamental Attribution Error: Who’s to Blame?

Often times, whether in work or family life—or even in politics—when things go wrong, someone usually, as it’s popularly said, “takes the blame.” In psychological terms, […]
December 2, 2015

Social Psychology, Syria and Prejudice

In the wake of the deadliest terrorist attack on western soil since September 11, 2001, a debate has been raging over whether or not western countries […]
November 16, 2015

What Would You Do? Investigating the ‘Bystander Effect’

In March 1964, a bar manager named Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in the Kew Gardens district of New York City. Thirty-eight residents from a nearby apartment […]
November 11, 2015

Is Behaviorism Still Relevant?

Many people have heard of B.F. Skinner. His name has been referenced countless times in popular television shows and movies. And although the field of psychology, […]
October 30, 2015

Want to Attain Perfection? Practice: Exploring Ericsson’s 10,000-Hour Rule

Biological determinists argue that what you are born with is what you get. Sure, genetics don’t determine everything about your nature, but there is basically no escaping […]