April 22, 2020

Inversion Therapy: What Is It? How Does It Work? Is It Safe?

Although it has little to do with psychology and more to do with, perhaps, chiropractic or physical therapy, inversion therapy – which consists of hanging upside […]
April 15, 2020

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a concept that is murky at best. Most of us have a vague idea what wellbeing is, but perhaps few of us know how […]
April 12, 2020

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are sometimes confused as being the same thing. They are, in fact, different . . . but sometimes they are alike. Mindfulness, or […]
April 3, 2020

What Your Posture Says About You

It took me a long time to understand that your posture can make or break you. For a long time, I used to think that “experts” […]
March 26, 2020

Being Alone Isn’t Always Bad: Coping Through Social Distancing. Pt. 2

Of course, by now, most of us in the United States and across the world have been impacted by the effects of COVID-19, if not by […]
March 20, 2020

4 Things to Do while Social Distancing

As many Americans (as well as many others around the world) begin to settle in to a new rhythm of life due to the Coronavirus, it […]
March 13, 2020

How Viruses Spread (and a little bit about their history)

Viruses, bacteria, and other microbes having been evolving along side of humans since the dawn of humanity. (In fact, microbes predate humans by billions of years.) […]
March 7, 2020

Putting in the Effort, Having the Right Attitude

How much control do you think that you have? In current culture, the phrases “willpower” and “effort” sound a little old fashion, if not faux pas […]
February 28, 2020

The Positive Impact of Exercise on the Brain

When most people hear the word “exercise,” they may immediately think of sweating, calories, building muscle, or losing weight. And while although all of these things […]
February 19, 2020

Jordan Peterson’s Rules for Life: Two Rules that Might Be Worth Your Time

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson – the well-known and, at times, controversial Canadian psychologist – published his bestselling book, “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” […]
February 5, 2020

Better Than Average? Or Not Better at All? Exploring the Dunning-Kruger Effect

It is unfortunately very common for some individuals to overrate their abilities in a given area. While some may call this “overconfidence,” this phenomenon has been […]
January 29, 2020

How to Create Good Habits

In his now-classic book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” author Steven Covey takes the reader along through seven habits that he identifies as vital […]