Student coping with college burnout seeks help in bethlehem pa at Dr. John G Kuna and associates

How to Recover From Burnout as a College Student

As a college student, it can be easy to get burnt out, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic with restrictions on schools and universities creating sometimes isolating environments. But in a day and age of Zoom and hard work, burnout can be a problem. So, here are 10 steps to beating burnout as a college student. [...]

Do you know how to avoid Burnout? 6 Simple Tips for Clinicians

Career burnout remains a problem for Mental Health Professionals (MHPs). According to a 2012 study, “. . . [t]he mental health field has paid relatively little attention to the health and well-being of its own workers.” Working with a range of patients who may possess diverse challenges—trauma, sexual issues, depression and anxiety—MHPs are exposed to […]