How Fear Protects Us From Violence

Fear is a natural human feeling, and how we interpret—and use—it is somewhat dependent on one’s culture. In the west, for instance, fear is often seen as a negative emotion, something we must “overcome.” But there are other ways to look at fear, and in his book, “The Gift of Fear,” author Gavin De Becker […]

The Psychology of Super Heroes (Part 2): Does Iron Man have ADHD? and Other ‘Super’ Questions (and Answers), Revealed

The Psychology of Super Heroes (Part 2): “Does Iron Man have ADHD? How Much Does Captain America Confirm to Gender Norms? and Other ‘Super’ Questions (and Answers), Revealed In recent years, movies featuring superheroes have exploded The Superhero genre of movies has exploded in recent years: DC’s Superman and Batman films, and, of course, Marvel’s […]

I Spy with My Culturally Shaped Eye

At some point in your life, perhaps at the eye doctor or during a check-up by the school nurse, you have probably been asked to look at Ishihara plates, images comprised of colored dots forming numbers against a dotted background. The Ishihara Color Test, named for its creator, is used to test for red-green color […]