How to be Original: Exploring Non-Conformity

Me. Myself. I. Since its beginning, American culture has placed great emphasis on originality. In recent years, advertising and marketing campaigns have taken this concept even further: Be Yourself. Be Original. Be Different. But in a seemingly never-ending sea of individuals all trying to be different, how does one truly stand out? How do truly […]

Exploring Personality: What makes you, you

Exploring Personality Types For more than 2000 years, philosophers and psychologists have been interested in individual personalities, how they form, and what makes one person different from another. The first attempt to categorize personality types came from the Greeks, which organized four personality types: • Choleric • Phlegmatic • Sanguine • Melancholic As time passed, […]

The Neurological Basis of Political Opinion

“Although many people want to believe that their positions on moral, religious, and political issues are the product of rational, conscious thought, the reality is that subthreshold, biologically instantiated predispositions shape all human attitudes…” So writes Hibbing et al in their 2014 article, “The deeper sources of political conflict: evidence from the psychological, cognitive, and […]