Self-Control: The Marshmallow Test Revisited

What would you do if you someone presented something sweet—a cookie, donut, or a marshmallow—in front of you, and told you that you have a choice: You can eat the treat immediately, or, if you wait, you can have two of those items later? What I have just described is the famous “Marshmallow Test”—a rather […]

Failure is an Option: The Benefits of “Small Losses”

We live in a culture where success is highly prized and failing isn’t. From our childhood years well into adulthood, we are often taught that failing—in the realm of sports, academics, career, family life, and so on—remains something that one ought to avoid. Furthermore, the idea of always winning at any cost is so ingrained […]

Emotional Intelligence: Key to Success

For decades, standard conceptions of “intelligence” have been called into question by psychologists and academic researchers alike. It wasn’t until recently—in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s—that broader, more encompassing conceptions of intelligence have emerged. Since then, discussing intelligence in general appears like a fool’s errand because the term can now include emotional intelligence, social intelligence […]